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Malfunctioning dryer? Trust us with its service. Our dryer repair Bolton experts offer quick assistance and have the expertise to fix any home gas and electric dryer. Contact us to repair the dryer that doesn’t dry well or makes a lot of noise. Appliance Repair Bolton offers emergency help when dryers become hazardous to one’s safety. For the safety and convenience of the client, our technicians are equally cautious when they install new dryers or inspect their mechanism during routine services. You can count on our dryer experts to properly service your laundry room appliance.Dryer Repair Bolton

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What makes dryers dangerous? When dryers are connected to vents, they use air from outdoors to heat it up and dry clothes. During the cycle the heated air must find its way out of the appliance through the tubes. If they are clogged, hot air is trapped and the dryer doesn’t function well. It gets overheated and might also catch fire. For the avoidance of such hazards, we like to fix problems before they expand. That’s why we offer preventive annual dryer service.

We also offer emergency dryer repair in Bolton, Ontario. If you feel that the appliance is not working as it should or is too hot, give us a call. Dryers get clogged due to over-accumulation of lint. One of our first tasks is to remove lint from the appliance’s tubes. And we can also fix any other problem with the appliance whether the service requires the replacement of parts or not. We only replace parts when they are in bad shape, burned out or broken and use the best dryer repair parts found on the market.

Our experts fix any dryer brand and type. We’ll be there to cover your regular dryer needs but also offer washer and dryer repair. There is no need to replace your appliance when it malfunctions. Just ask us to take a look of its problems and fix it. But if you decide that it’s time to buy a new dryer, contact us for dryer installation. We do the job properly, on time, and with our mind set to your safety. Need the best service without spending a fortune? Call our company.

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